Digital Publishing of FL Printing         Digital Publishing of Florida, Inc. Approval to Print Form


This form should not be completed until you have reviewed your Printed Proof or PDF files completely and there are no further changes needed!  

Do not submit the form unless there are no other changes needed!  If further changes are needed, please email your representative.  This is the last step before the production of your order, so please check the proof carefully to make sure there are no regrettable mistakes in the printing.   

Once approved, Digital Publishing of Florida, Inc. cannot be held liable for mistakes, so please take the proper steps to check it carefully. The materials and printing output of the finished product will reasonably match your proof. Digital Publishing of Florida, Inc. can not be responsible for any errors or changes that are not explicitly agreed to in writing. If changes are made after the initial proof, Digital Publishing of Florida, Inc. reserves the right to determine if extra charges are warranted, and add said charges to the bill. Your production time could be extended to make the changes. You will be notified before any charges. No production will be completed without this approval. Please check with your representative if you have any questions.