Sending us your files is EASY!

In order for us to print your work, we will need your files at some point. In the new 'digital' age, this is as easy as clicking a button! Sending in your files or test files before we begin your project also helps in getting a more accurate quote, and we may catch simple errors before the proofing process.

You can use this page to upload files up to 10GB.  If your file is under 20MB, you can email it over to us.
If you have a question regarding file preparation or upload, please see the FAQ page, Email, or call (813) 788-3735.

Author uploading book printing files to Digital Publishing of FL.

Drag and drop files to the box below and they will be uploaded to us.

Drag your file(s) to the plus sign, or click ‘Add File’ to browse your computer.  

Please zip or ‘Add files to a compressed folder’ when uploading more than 4 files. 

When all the files you would like to send are shown on the page, click ‘Begin Upload’ to send.  You should see a progress bar, and it should confirm that the files were uploaded when finished.  Please do not close this page until you receive that confirmation.

Please email us before or after uploading files to confirm receipt!

If you have any questions, please Contact Us.